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When I look at you, I see summer breeze...

When I look at you,

I see summer breeze,

A warrior coloured in

crimson, drenched in


I see worlds collapsing,

flames and ashes,

fire and ice, soaked in

a river of tears that

ooze out of the years

that have passed by.

Comforting me,

I see the folds of the printed

bedsheet you wrapped me in

so that I could get out of the

dungeons of hopelessness.

In you, I find solace,

Lips gradually taking their

way up towards the twinkle

in your eyes, I see a subtle

innocence dancing in the

shadows of the storm spewing

hate and indecisiveness.

When I look at you,

I see love erupting from the

edges of your imperfect curves,

curves nonetheless.

Your mouth drips honey,

The stars in your galaxy

breed another world,

entirely your own.

You are a misfit, soaked in

self acceptance moving

towards self love.

You are the silver lining

people look up to when

they're left with nothing.

You, my lady, need to rise above

and see that you are beautiful,

in your own ways and never let

these horrible men or judgemental

aunts tell you otherwise.


"You are a spark in the world of hope,

I need you to walk me through the

dark times, the good ones, the bitter-

sweet and I need you to need me,"

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