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The Universe gave up celestial pieces of itself to craft you!

Remember — the Universe gave up celestial pieces of itself to craft you. So much had to conspire in order for you to be here. So be here. Be here, and be exactly who you want to be. Create the art you want to create. Speak your heart into existence. Bloom where you are planted. Dig and dig and dig into the core of your passion, and hold on to whatever ignites something inside of you. hold onto whatever stirs your soul. Get to know yourself, and own it; never apologize for the way your heart beats against your chest. Never apologize for taking up space. Just be here. Just be here and remember — you were bred from the crashing, and folding of the Universe into itself. Life may be messy, but you were born from a chaos that existed between stars. The same energy flows through you. Turn it into art. Turn it into strength. Turn it into beauty, like it turned itself into you.

No one will ever fully be able to understand the internal battles you had to endure just to heal, just to grow, just to make it here today. Be proud of the way you fought to save yourself. Be proud of the way you survived.

Stay open. Please, just stay open — because when you close yourself off to potential hurt, you also close yourself off to potential awe, potential joy. When you assume that you will never be seen and accepted for who you truly are, you rob yourself of the opportunity to be known, to be surprised by those who will show up in your life and hold your heart the way you have always hoped for it to be held. Yes, being vulnerable may hurt you. But it may heal you. There is always that risk — but you are here to risk your heart. So risk it, because there are situations and human beings in this world of billions that will meet you where you are, that will make you aware of just how beautiful it is to be fully open and seen and unafraid of falling. There are moments you're going to connect with, small and intense and deeply special moments, that will stick to your bones and remind you why you tried, why you took the chance. And it is up to you to tuck those moments into yourself for safekeeping, it is up to you to always believe in that beauty. Because this world will never be void of dark, but that just means there will also always be light.

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