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Love is more than a feeling. Love is a decision.

Some of us spend a lifetime looking for true love, while others stumble upon it accidentally and then discard it without giving it a second thought or ever realizing its value.

Love is more than a feeling.

Love is a decision.

You can't just stop by when it is convenient and call that love. true love stays; it stays through the inconvenient. when sadness hits, when the rain starts pouring down on you, threatening to bury you alive in waves of water and hail, true love does not become intimidated by the roughness of weather. True love picks you up in its arms and shows you that you are not alone in your struggles; it shows you that you are important and that you matter. true love does not turn its back on you when things get tough; it reaches for you in the dark and pulls you towards the light. true love stays, no matter the season. ❤

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