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Love brings out both the darkness and the light... the patience and the impulsivity...

All the waiting in this world, all the patience, the understanding, the mountains of love you extend...all of it is not enough to make someone ready for a relationship, for commitment. The same way, all the ultimatums you keep giving them are not going to serve as a push towards light. They will only push them into an even deeper kind of darkness. If they are not ready today, no matter what you do, they will not be ready tomorrow. Readiness to enter and stay in a relationship comes from inner work. Without inner work, there is no inner shift. Sometimes we are tired of waiting...tired of giving second chances... tired of wasting our time with relationships that are not reciprocated in effort, time and love. And so, after having been patient for so long, we want to feel like we our time has not been wasted and our efforts have not been in vain. And so, we lash out. We become something we don't recognize anymore. And we become confused. How can the person I love most in the world bring both the best and the worst out of me? How can I be both the one he cannot live without and the one he cannot be around all at the same time? Love does that to hearts, to people. Love brings out both the darkness and the light... the patience and the impulsivity...the trials and the victories... And that is what makes love such a rare and exquisite experience. Once you have loved in this manner, you are forever changed; it is as if your heart has expanded to reach a size never seen before. And what is most poignant in this process is that once expanded, a heart can never go back to being small again. From here on now, it can only grow bigger, wiser, more beautiful and magical.

And in the end... the coming and the going... the waiting,- the breaking... none of it was ever in vain or ever time wasted ... because through it all, you grew into something so soft, so tender and ever so beautiful. You grew into yourself in a way that only love can make you grow.

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