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If you have forgotten , this is what you deserve .

You deserve to be chosen.

You deserve the kind of love you do not have to chase , the kind of love that chooses you just as confidently as you choose it . Trust me when I say – you don't deserve to be loved by someone who can only love you in halves , or by someone who does not see the value in being loved by you . Because at the end of the day love should not hurt you more than it heals you , love should not make you question yourself , or how worthy you are of being chosen by someone you have grown to care for . Love should be a safe place , it should not be the main source of confusion or fear or sadness in your life . You deserve someone who is sure of you . You deserve reciprocation . You deserve connection , and presence , and the kind of love that stays.

You deserve to feel seen.

You do not deserve to give your heart to someone who makes you feel like you are hard to love . You deserve to feel seen , to feel understood . The right kind of love will never make you question the way your heart beats against your chest , or the way you crash it into this world . The right kind of love will never make you question if you love too deeply , or if you give too much , or if you care from a place that is too soft within yourself . The love you deserve will never vilify you for the way your mind works , for your anxiety or your past , or the way the world weathered you , the things you had to overcome just to make it to this day . The love you deserve will hold you there . It will look at the of your soul that no one else claps for , and it will hold you there . It will learn the language you speak so you do not have to live your whole life just trying to translate your heart.

You deserve to be loved the way you love others

Think about all of the ways in which you love others . Think about all of the hope and tenderness you have within you , and how you crave the ability to pour it out into the heart of another person . Think about the happiness that fills your chest when you envision waking up next to someone who inspires you , or running your fingers along their spine , or hugging all of their broken pieces back together . Think about the way everything within you just leaps towards feeling , towards connection . Think about how there is so much inside of you that wants to make someone feel seen , feel heard , feel safe . Think about how ruthlessly you care , and how that is as simple as breathing for you.

Remind yourself that you are not the only person in this world who loves like that . There are people out there who will love you the way you love others . There are people out there who will give you the kind of love you have always given to everyone else . There are human beings in the world who would do anything just to love you , just to keep you in their lives , just to care for you . They exist . Believe in that goodness . believe that you are worthy of it.

You deserve to be this person for yourself

When you stand up for your heart, when you know yourself and what you deserve and what you want on a foundational level, when you do not use love as a means of validation or attachment, you let it pass through you as it is. Love becomes less about dependence or filling a void, and more about allowing the beauty that is meeting you to be felt for what it truly is. You are not afraid of losing love, because loss of love does not mean loss of self You know you will always have yourself to come back home to, you know you will always be your own foundation, even if your heart unravels, even on the days it hangs heavy in your chest. You know yourself, and you know what deserves to be in your life, what deserves your energy and your effort and the hope you hold within your bones. You respect your heart, you defend it, you do not break it down and give it away to those who do not know how to hold it, you do not make it smaller, you do not shrink it or quiet it. You embrace it, you honor it, and you only choose to give it to those who do the same, and that is where the purest, most beautiful form of love thrives.

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